Know more about cars in India

  • if you are a proud owner of  any car, you can let us have the following details for the benefit of all new car buyers and also who own how it can be maintained for better service.

  • The following questions can very well supply the information.

  • When did you buy it?

  • from whom did you buy it?

  • at what best terms did you buy it?

  • What are your suggestions for the best maintenance of the car?

  • Where are the spare parts available at reasonable rates?

  • Is it a petrol/gas/diesel driven vehicle?

  • why did you select the particular colour?

  • How long have you been owning this car?Please give your precious time and send your answers along with the questions left by us to:


  • and oblige

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Be planned Be relaxed Enjoy more

  • Where do you intend on going?
  • How long you want to be out?
  • Have you booked your tickets well in advance?
  • Do you care more to book well in advance to get the maximum discounted and cheaper fare?
  • How much will be the expenditure?
  • Have you made all arrangements not to fall short of funds?
  • Have you taken all precautions fir all your health related issues?
  • Have you taken a list of the things you carry and how many baggage?
  • Are you all well insured?
  • Have you made enough preparation well in advance if your travel is delayed even for 12 hours?In case of emergencies where you arrive what alternative arrangements have you made?Have you  reserved your hotel accommodation and travel arrangements there?Blessings and best wishes for you to have a nice time wherever you go and come back safe and sound.